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(^(oo)^) 2000-10-17 00:59:00
by scrantoine
Damnit, looks like I will not be able to make that show on the 20th....I have a 3 essay exam the next day in my Western Civilization class. That class sometimes makes me wish I had high blood pressure so when I passed the highest point of pissivity (which happens frequently in that class) I could pass out or make some sort of scene and my head would explode in a brilliant display of violence and gore. The professor is 70something and he frequently forgets the topic of discussion. Then we have the students, who push my buttons with the quickness.....bastards are always defending their religious views with all the zeal and righteousness that brought us some of the more notable and wonderful events in history: The crusades, which acomplished nothing but slaughter; the inquisition, countless innocents tortured and burned, and I don't want to continue because I'm getting pissed again. My point that I brought up in class was that opinions are nice and all, but we should keep them to ourselves when tact tells us to. Of course, this fell mostly on deaf the tall and scary looking red-haired budist guy. "I never try to impose my faith on anyone, but if you are gay you are going to hell because god says its wrong", quoted from last Saturday.....way to go moron.