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had 1 too many.... 2000-04-01 22:52:00
by pogo
First, I really feel bad for always posting overtop of some one else :) I have no idea why, I just do.

It has come to me in life, that in all my lameness, I have grown up a bit. It was a slow realization that took ALOT of time to get over. From thinking I was a "hacker" with winuke and a portscan, which was useless :) To learning about different cpus, and much much more. It just seems funny now, that I know a little bit more, and I find myself in the position of the true "leet h4x0rs"..(#hackphreak). While granted some people do have a brain (I have seen a few who are pretty damn pimp in the head with the math), most people won't give you any help, but more a simple attempt to root your ass. Needless to say, the only reason I bring this up is that I found myself laughing at a new person to the linux community. But alas, I know that I too was once in his shoes, and had no fucking clue what I was doing. And when you find out what you do know is wrong, you feel even dumber :) I admit Marasmus and Stalemeat setup my server, but I did finalize it, and fix the minute problems.

I guess in all of this, I just feel like people who don't read don't deserve help, but they still do. I would have never properly configured the ipmasq without the help of my friends. So I guess where I go with this is, laugh and help, and remember, some one always knows more than you. :)

a little laugh:

 i installed mandrake
 dunno how to set up the network
 it installed as the gui thing 
 so i dunno how to go to linux dos
:) take it easy, and don't get too pissed at my drunken rant about nothing at all.