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Do YOU have child bearing hips? 2000-10-15 19:35:00
by caridwen
obrien: I have only one thing to say, Go drunken Irish peasant women!! I totally agree with you totally agreeing with me. Atleast I know that someone else that posts here also has child-bearing hips. Well, there's three of us if you count Marasmus, but since he had the surgery and all.. well.. lets not go there...
anyway! Adam and I went over to his place today, and I slept until 3:30. Then we left and he locked us out of the house, and left his keys inside. Well, after fifteen mintues of trying to convience him to break a window or something, he goes and borrows a screwdriver from one ofhis neighbors, and unscrews the latch on his garage door. Then he kicks the door leading into the house in. I can truthfully admit that I've never wanted him quite as bad as I did right then.
Yes, I know, it goes agianst the rant I had eariler today.. but when a guy get's really physical with something like a door, or block of cement or something that envolves breaking and lifting, I wanna go buy a twelve pack of condoms and see what happens.

Anyway! I need to go finish homework for a class I hate and be done with it.