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lips, tits, hips.... and goths! 2000-10-15 13:54:00
by obrien
Caridwen: I've got child-bearing hips too. I share your ideas about skinny people. I'm quite happy to admit that when the nuclear holocaust occurs and there's nothing but barren wilderness and cockroaches, I will be able to survive off of my own body fat for a really long time. Anyhow, it's true about the child-bearing hips. When I had my baby, it took me 4 hours. I only pushed for 20 minutes, and it wasn't too horrible of an experience. I like to say that I have the body of a drunken Irish peasant woman.

Pogo: based on the above discussion, I'm sure it's pretty clear that I could beat your little ghetto white boy ass if we ever got nekkid and wrastled, even if mud/jello/grease were involved.

I went to the Castle last night. Um... Now I understand why me and my friends always spent our money on alcohol and just drank out back instead of going inside. Not to dis anyone's subculture, but goths take themselves too seriously. I had a really fun time imagining the thoughts of the people on the dance floor... "I am so terribly sad. My only small joy comes from black eyeliner and vinyl pants. Fear my blackened heart.." But before ya'll send out a posse to burn down my house....

I'd just like to say that Chevy is a horrible dancer.