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Hey everybody! I got child-bearing hips! 2000-10-15 11:09:00
by caridwen
Ah... the glory of slakerdom...
The other night I finished reading a twelve book series by David Eddings. Well, there were two sets of five and then two companion books, plus one that was just a collection of his notes. Ironicly, I fucking hate David Eddings!! His writing is at best mediocore, he relies so heavily on sterotypes and cliches that it's funny.. his military strategy is so funny that it hurts (this from a guy who spent years in the military), and his total lack of any original thought completely ruined even the semi-funny sections of these books.
I know, I know, so why did I read them. To be honest, they were the easiest books to reach in the box.

Anyway, I haven't slept in over twenty-seven hours, and all this time of being awake has given me some insight into humanity. This is what I learned:
Skinny girls are evil. By this I'm not talking about the girls that are about 5'6" and weight 130 pounds, that's normal... I mean the ones that weight maybe 110, and then freak out because they weight 110.
If your woman is light enough, and small enough, that you can pick her up and position her just the way you want her during sex like she's a sack of corn meal.. there's problems.
Personally, I think that the problem lies within the males. Most of them have a thing for shaved pussy, and get turned on by their breastless, hipless, bony little girlfriends in ways they don't want to admit. Then they go off to college and become pedophiles that hang around elementary schools and want to move to Washington where the age of consent is sixteen.
Not only that, but small women are more likely to suffer internal bleeding and other complications during childbirth.
I knew this chick named Roxanne who was 18 when she went into labor with her first baby. She almost died from the kid because he literally ripped her uterus in two pieces coming out. I talked to her two months later and she was still in the hospital. She told me that they had to completely remove her uterus and her left overy to save her life. Of course she was crying at the time, but I didn't think it was too bad... she perpetually slept around and this atleast kept her from having more kids.
Her mom said it was such a problem because she didn't have "child-bearing hips", and then the dear little mexican woman began telling me what wonderful "child-bearing hips" I had, and how when I had my first kid that "the baby will just slide right out!" Gee... thanks...

Anyway, this little rant is a product of my sleep deprived mind, I'll go make some coffee and stop babbling now..