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Umm, no. 2000-10-14 12:35:00
by obrien
Well, last night was interesting. Skinheads were involved, and I did have a right to be worried. Deke's stupid ass got in a fight, of course, even though he had some broken ribs. But I can't be mad at Deke, he's such a cutie.

But after the show I hauled about 10 people to Mike's girlfriend's house, where I met this hot skinhead.... He's a Navy medic, all buff. And he was drunk.. I gave him some Jack and some cigarettes, and he was telling me how I was beautiful, a goddess that walked on water.... So I think I coulda gotten some last night. I really regret leaving, but it was prolly a good thing I did because....

I think I got a mild case of food poisoning from Denny's... I felt naseaus all night, and shit my ass a coupla times. If I had stayed at the party, I woulda gotten a few beers in me before I felt the wave of nausea hit... Then I woulda puked, and you just don't do that at a skinhead party. :)

But hopefully I'll see this guy again.... Oooh I shoulda tackled him right there in the front yard... Oh well... new fuel for my masturbatory endeavors.