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weeee 2000-10-10 22:38:00
by pogo
ok, so my re-design of the fucking server end is a bit slugish, everything is in its own function. which is good, next comes more functions, and a parser to make things a bit more complicated. the client will be re-done. Still no fucking GTK. I need some info on a STEALTH 2500 :) if ya find it, gimme, i looked with no luck. finally, i the great pogo, wizzard of fast crap code came up with an idea. why not read a sites java, strip the pic, and make wget fetch it :) so umm, marasmus, if some porno bitch says "j00 st34l3d my pr0n." you know it was me, and umm, don't hurt me :) i won't do it ever again. i just had to. it called me. like a fucking time bomb asking for time to run out. or a stick in a river floating, hoping, that it hits the falls, and breaks out into hell, where obrien, the over-posting womanizing wierdo will pick it up, sex kmart cowboy in the butt, and hope for the best. i guess what i mean to say is this.

1.) i have no time, and metallica is feeding my soul food to plow onward toward certain destruction.

2.)i'm a hardware loser, and need help

3.)i look at porno

4.) you like porno too, so don't fucking judge me whores