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the 8th time I've posted today 2000-10-10 18:07:00
by obrien
Sorry to bore you with another pointless post, but something very nifty happened to me today....

I went to my Humanities class... At the end of the semester there's this super-long paper due, a critical analysis of any book we choose, as long as it deals with non-Western civilization. I have a book on Ghenghis Khan but it's extremely boring. Well, problem solved. Apparently my professor gets all sorts of books from publishers and journals and shit that they want him to review. So, he had a couple up there and said that if we wanted, we could use one of the books for our paper.

But here's the cool part- if the paper's well-written, he'll send it to the journal to try to have it published. Hell yeah!

I know I could do this. I didn't spend two years in hell, uh, IB, to waste all the shit I learned. This is the same kind of paper we had to turn in with our history notebooks at the end of each six weeks... So I'm definitely gonna try.

At the moment, I don't know the name of the journal or anything, and publication's not a definite thing, but it certainly would be cool. The book's on Victorian colonization of India, and looks pretty cool. Maybe in December, instead of being an unemployed loser, I'll be a published unemployed loser... I hope so....