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time! 2000-10-10 15:43:00
by pogo
ouch, i ran out of time :) i have a bazillion things to do, and no time for any of them. So i will make this nifty and short :)

I'm making beef jerky tonight, don't like it, tough shit :)

I should have a nifty install program done in gtk+ tonight.

I MIGHT re-write sections of the server software to include users and md5 passwords as well as more control. (i will also add i saw similar software out, so i downloaded it (it was vb (yuck)) and guess what? didn't work. thus proving my point i kick ass and other people suck.)

Finally, i definately will have most of a text editor for class done. If i like the smoothness of it, i may try a gtk version, which will lead to a IDE with text coloring.

Oh yeah, i put up some pics of shit in my room (better ones later) with my $20 web cam :) One day i will learn how to use it on vector and have fun :)