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a flashing neon sign from above 2000-10-10 13:55:00
by marasmus
Obrien: add target="_new" to your anchor tags.

The 3rd major revision of the VectorStar MessageBoard system will be wrapping up by the end of the week. The message-display system is complete, and a few annoying test messages are in place. If you want to take a sneak peek at the system (you can't really see all of its cool features without some tweaking the CGI's arguments), click here. This new system supports multiple (unlimited) message boards, full theme support to change the display layout of the system, and when the administration tool is complete, full user-level management of the messageboards. Once this is complete, the dual xeon database server gets a case (and is officially pronounced as being stable), we'll start making messageboards available to our users, so they can have a shweet ass messageboard without the headache of setting up all those goofy CGI's that barely work with most message board systems.

Here are some examples (1 and 2) of the theme capabilities. The manual theme control is not recursive to subsequent clicks, and chances are likely that it'll remain that way for simplicity's sake.

After everything's completed, I may release the code for this messageboard so that others may set up their own database servers and dance around the fire of being as cool as me.