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Testicle warts and other oddities 2000-03-31 23:39:00
by pogo
Hi. I like cheese. But not really. Any how, I now present to you some facts of life.

1.) I no longer have open webserver ports :)

2.) I am working on a ghetto ass game similar to "RIVER CITY RANSOM". I coding it in C with the allegro game libs, and soon some libnet. This SHOULD allow for playing in both windows and linux :) and some nice multiplayer skull bashing.

3.) I did not give up on neSTFU as I thought I would, The other people working on similar stuff, have in a recent turn of events quit. :) Lucky me!

Any how my usual rant: If you are gonna write some kinda emu, why not learn how the cpu works?! Why the fuck would you not write your own cpu core?! You wouldn't build a nuclear device without wanting to know that the radiation is gonna make your balls full of deadness, so why would you write an emu with no knowledge of the cpu? (It takes a week to write 6502(nes version) in C, in spare time :) Oh: If you are MCP and a network admin/engineer, learn to speak, and learn NTFS, don't say NTSF.