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pr0n and such.... 2000-10-10 09:39:00
by scrantoine
Orlando College Freshman here...oh, name is Scrantoine. Anyway, hot damn, hell on earth is playing again and I'm going to try and be there. I think everyone knows what happened the last time I went to one of their shows...well, anyone who actually pays attention to other posts and has a half-way decent memory would know.

Now its time for some political commentary!

Last week I was on my way to the student union after my college algebra class (snore) and my eyes caught a peculiar scene outside the union. A semi-large stage and multiple tents were errected while swarms of roadies and their ilk were setting up for some sort of band. At first it looked to be interesting...then I saw one of the manny banners flying about the stage..."Rock the Vote". God damnit. Its kind of sad when people have to resort to this kind of thing just to get teens and post-teens to vote. They had reps from Doreto (can't spell it and I don't like the damn chips anyway) chucking bags of their chips at kids all the while smiling really big and shouting "Rock the Vote! yeah!". FUCKING DIE WHORE! Its like, wow, if they give me free chips and put on a show with a horrible no-name band, I should be cool and vote! ehhehe! Corporate assholes, I hate the lot of you.