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god hates me 2000-10-09 16:36:00
by obrien
What I wanna know is, why can't I find a job where I have nothing better to do on a Monday afternoon than rebuild the messageboard for my site. And make more money than my parents do. Not that I am ever gonna do that, but still. I don't think they have jobs where people doodle all day, so I'm screwed.

Not saying that your job is easy, Marasmus, cause I realize the people you work for are stupid and sometimes you gotta clean up their messes, but honestly- 2 hours of free time? I'm jealous.

Of course, I have nothing to be jealous about. I don't work. I do go to school, but I like school. And I don't have to pay any bills cause I don't have a car and my parents are so happy that I'm going to school that they haven't kicked me out in a few months now. Wait a sec, I take that back- I AM jealous. You have enough money in your pocket/bank accout now to buy a hooker, some heroin, and my entire famliy. But what it all boils down to is that I'm a lazy sod. I have to get a job sometime soon- Rachel says she wants to move in with me... According to Kmart, then I'll be getting the poontang all the time. But with my lazy, unskeeel'd, highly phobic ass, it's prolly gonna be Winn Dickme. Oh well. It's time to go take the Psych exam that I haven't studied for.