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just that damn good. 2000-10-09 14:03:00
by marasmus
I had brainstormed a little bit about rewriting the VectorStar MessageBoard system again so it would work out of a real database instead of a silly ass flatfile memory hog system.

In under two hours, I've built 90% of the message-reading tool (you know, the thing you're staring at right now)... This IS probably the easy part, because i've been through it before. The hard part is soon to come.

The new messageboard system will be available so that any VectorStar users with their own sites can have their own message board with their own format and theme style, hosted right here. Each owning-user will have the ability to add and remove users who can post to their message board. Each user capable of posting will be able to login, change their password, email address, Display name, etc (if the owning user enables that feature). There will be no threading/comment support for now. I don't know if i'll add that later or not.

Expect to see a new, more powerful and flexible News/Messageboard system available soon. If you've got a site here and need a solid message board, keep your eyes open. it'll be here very soon!