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down with sicily 2000-10-06 10:18:00
by stale
Okay... this ain't no east coast, west coast shit. Everybody knock it off, or I'll slap you all with my dang.

|pogo|: scan me some shit :)
obrien: it doesn't matter who has a big one or a crooked one, your lesbian ass can prolly pee standing up better than all of us
kmart: it's known as a 'boomerwang' or a 'crooked joystick', and no, it's not a fucking reach toothbrush

I think I contracted the plague in North Carolina this week. When you have to stop the car on the way to the airport just so you can run across the street to shit your ass in a firehouse, you know it's bad. The people were very nice at the firehouse, considering I busted through the door like a terroist and exclaimed, "Please tell me you have a bathroom I can use, cause I have to use it NOW!!" The police officers on the corner were also very nice to me as I walked through a red light to cross the street in front of them. It was kinda like some sort of Edward Scissorhands shit. I'm gone.