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Happy Holidays! 2000-10-04 20:23:00
by caridwen
What a beautiful day! The sun is shinning, the birds or singing, my father has Diabetes.. ya know, all the things I like waking up to find out that shit get my blood pumping and make me happier then a bug in a rug! Woo!
He took a couple tests last Friday and had gotten the results today. Did you know that the highest level of blood sugar a human being can have and still be considered healthy is a count of 110? Well my dear old Dad had a 508 blood sugar count. Yippee.
I'm still very much in shock and I'm very ready to pull out a couple bottle of wine and drink myself in obvilion. I know, I know, *he's* the sick one, why should I be drinking. Well, the truth is I can't handle the idea of him being a Diabetic. His eyesight is already going, and he could end up blind. He'll be more likely to pick up ecoli, samanilla (sp?) and other wonderful lil' nasties found all over ones living quarters.
Personally, I'm just wondering how much bad health one human being can have, and I guess the powers that be are giving a live deminstration. Thanks Jesus, Thanks God. I'll remember to invite you to my dinner party now.
Yes, I'm wallowing in large vats of self pity, yes I'm being silly and depressed about something I can't change, yes I'm probably annoying every single one of you, but I love that mean old man and I csnnot stand the idea of this turning him into a cripple, or an invalid, or a corpse sic feet under with a mouth full or worms. Joy.
Soon leaves will begin their parade of color and the air will be crisp and clean, hinting slightly at the smell of hickory or cherry burning in someone's chimney.. families will begin to gather for the holidays. Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents will gathe and celebrate the joys of Thanksgiving.. then Christmas. Then lives will continue onward into the New Year and everything will begin agian with a fresh spirit and hope. For some reason I find irony within this.. I think the more intelligent ones of you will understand why...
Yeah.. it's the most wonderful time of the year alright....