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Don't drink the Chubby... 2000-10-03 17:41:00
by vahman
As Marasmus already informed you we are moved into the new house. Most things are finished, but there is still some "cool" work to do (computer nerd stuff).

I spent a total of 5 hours looking for a portable phone. All I can say is the damn thing that I purchased better give me free long distance and 4 coupons for Chewy Chips Ahoy.

I have turned the light on in our server room so that you can see our beautiful server racks. They are humming behind me as I type. Marasmus decided to place a fan behind them, and lean it against the wall so that last night all I heard was a damn whining vibration in my bedroom.

Pogo: Call me if you want your password changed. Oh, and stop leaving me messages asking me to play "Pocket Twister" with you..........

Obrien: My Advice

But my name is Billy!.........