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I always feel smart in the mornings... 2000-10-03 17:31:00
by caridwen
Drugs, like most experiances, will sooner or later alter your pattern of thinking and give you a fresh new look at things. Wether or not this new look involves a two-foot long spider chomping on your fingers while you scream for momma depends on the drugs and wether or not you can handle it.

Personally, I have no problem with drugs.. I used to be a mad toker and I remember back in the day sittin' around on some moldy couch in my friends back yard, drinkin' a true california 40 and smokin' a fuckin blunt.
What seperates me from my old stoner buddies though, is the fact that I had enough personality and enough of a mind to realise the following:
A. Weed wasn't life.
B. Beer will never make me feel anything but gross.
C. I do not need some lice-ridden guy trying to feel me up while he attempts to sell me some Mexican shit-weed that's so fucking brown you could crumble it up, pour milk on it and think you were eatin' wheaties.

So with that in mind I stopped toking, I suddenly remembered what a shower was, and I became so happy when I realised that shampoo wouldn't kill me. It was a happy time.

Now I still will enjoy a nice fucking bowl of borthern lights if it's in season (thankyou Humbolt county!!) and weekends like the one obrien had should be looked upon with a grin and taken with a pinch of salt.
Shit like that is fun, but I found out about three months ago that one of my old stoner buddies went camping and fell off a fucking cliff when he was on shrooms. Broke both legs, dislocated his elbow (and you aren't supposed to be able to do that), and he now has a scar on the right side of the face that makes him look like two-face.
Drugs are just an experiance like driving a car, or having your first cigarette. Wether or not you can handle the drug, and wether or not you're smart enough to realise the dangers and try to atleast be safe, will seperate the stupid wastes of shit that will spend their lives workin' at Buger King so they can score another fucking bowl, and the handful of users that find a way to be responsible stoners.

Now considering a large portion of the people who post on this bitch are very strong in their beliefs that drugs are the biggest waste of time anyone ever invented, I'm not expecting you fuckers to get it.
It takes a lot of balls to keep clean when you're in your teens and twenties.. even though I got some kick assed memories that I'll look back on fondly (like the time a friend of mine backed his car into the fucking river and didn't notice), I'll wonder about the jobs I passed up on, and the tests I failed because tokin' was higher on my list.
But then agian, every part of life involves choices, we all pass up oppurtunities that could have totally changed our lives just because something stupid was more important.

I think I'll stop being a psuedo-intellectual now and go find come coffee.