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swank. 2000-10-03 01:10:00
by marasmus

Stale: watch me go. watch me spin.

Pogo: I'm a dumbass, i forgot to change that craziness for ya. give Vahman a ring tomorrow - hopefully he'll remember how to do that silly little stuff like change password in unix... too much time in windows for him!

Well, We (including VectorStar) is now moved into the grand new location. The Sparc racks of much acclaim and speech are now up and running. they're pimp and you might even be able to see their outline on the extremely dark webcam of Vahman. Enjoy.

Our networking experience here is getting interesting. we're actually reaching such a complicated networking level that i'm having trouble managing the wires. When we get the rack cases in at the end of the week (perhaps next monday), it'll be time to finalize some siznat.

Toby Freaksoft notified us of something wonderful and epic in the future of linux: Slackware/SPARC!!!!! There is a beta slated to come out within the next few weeks. This means that we won't have to run Debian on the new sparc shell servers... well, the biggest annoyance is the debian installation. BTW, Toby, you can post again :>

In further news, i'm so extremely fucking tired at this 1am posting. sleep deprivation all week is wearing me into a shatty little ball that has to be up in 5 hours for work. oh joy. There was also a serious clock skew between servers at VectorStar, due to a number of causes, including the moving of servers, the utter breaking of vector (i fixed it), and the extremely long downtime of our primary date/time server. Sorry, shit happens when ya move.

The Dual Xeon server (we still don't have a name or know what the hell it's going to do) should be in meta-production tomorrow or wednesday. We'll take pictures of it running open (no case) on the server desk when we get around to it.

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