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the sun never sets.. on my ASSHOLE! 2000-10-02 00:47:00
by obrien
Yup. I just got back from a long weekend of camping. Whoo boy, a lot fucking happened...

First though, how was the move, Marasmus? I'm a bitch for not helping you but I'd rather swim in 73 degree spring water than haul your computer shit around.

Ok back to the camping. Interesting. Me, Chevy, Sara, Rachel, Kevin, Steve-0 and Michelle went. The first day was super-stressful, we were running around doing last minute shit, trying to find another car, waiting for John to get his stupid ass back, etc. I finally took the car w/o my mom's permission and with the threat that if I took it, I might as well not come back. Because John was 2 hours late bringing Kevin home, we didn't even make it to the campgrounds before they closed. The entire ride up there consisted of Chevy yelling obscenities at me, us chainsmoking (as usual), and me listening to my headphones and singing along at the top of my lungs. We stopped on the way and called the park ranger to beg him to please stay an extra half hour. Hell yeah... And here the camping begins (I know all you straight edgers out there will be offended).

First night. We had a bunch of pills and some trips, so everyone ate those but me. Now that I know what X does to your brain I'm not in a hurry to do it again, so I consoled myself with a bottle of wine and some cider. Sara and Chevy (both trolling) wander off to the showers because she feels dirty. Michelle and Rachel (just rolling) are off talking and listening to Tool or something. While I'm trying to guzzle as much cider as possible, I hear Steve and Kevin (both trolling) talking. At this point it became obvious that

Steve thought he was IN the Diablo game

Oh my. He and Kevin were necromancers, the girls were all sorceresses, and Chevy was a paladin. Ohmygoodness. So I play along a little bit, "teleport" them places and shit, wonder why Chevy and Sara have been taking a 3-hour shower, and go talk to Rachel and Michelle.

Holy shit. I'll leave out the details, but let's just say that she was telling us _horrible_ fucking shit that people have done to her. It hurt so bad I just had to leave.

So the rest of my night involved me playing along with Steve [I gave him the stars and invented weed for him, he molested Michelle's boobs, we gave him all sorts of "healing potions" (water) and "stamina sticks" (haha, cigarettes). I also, as a powerful sorceress, knew how to control fire, and really feaked him out with my "fireballs" (lighter)] or listening to Rachel's horror stories, or wondering where the hell Chevy and Sara were (apparently they spaced out and forgot that they were in the shower for 3 hours), and wondering why the hell chugging half a bottle of wine and a few ciders wasn't even giving me a buzz.

Basically, the first night was hell. Slept (very uncomfortably) for a couple hours and woke up really early. We all went swimming in the GORGEOUS spring, fucking freezing water, crystal clear, it was beautiful. Then these Christian zealots acosted Sara and Chevy, so Michelle and I saved them by telling them that it was time for the ritual orgy. Sara escaped, but Chevy stayed to debate with them. After we left they told him that the whole orgy thing was all a part of Satan's master plan to lure him away from god. Some people just can't take a joke.

Second night. Since I literally drank 1/3 of our alcohol supply the first night, no one got totally trashed the second night. We did a little ritual where we all wrote down the things that were bugging us- problems, bad memories, whatever- and threw the papers into the fire... It was cool, cause after that everyone was really relaxed and nobody freaked out like the first night. Me, Chevy, Sara, and Steve went to the playground. It was pitch black, we couldn't see shit, and when we finnaly found the playground and started screaming about how the sun never set on our assholes, these flashlights appear out in the woods. Oh boy. Ran all the way back to the car and sped off. Didn't realize until later that it was prolly just the nature walk people and if we hadn't been screaming no one would have ever known, since none of us had the presence of mind to bring a flashlight.

We went back to our camp site, and burned every thing in sight. Because it didn't occur to anyone to look for firewood in the daytime, we had to scrounge up the little bit we could find. Then we started destroying park property. Me and Michelle decided to throw the wooden parking-space-divider-thingie into the fire. At this time somebody put on a Cartoon Planet CD and we all started singing along with Space Ghost and the gang. Then the park ranger came up and told us that "we haven't had any complaints about your music yet, but you'll have to turn it off at 11 because it's horrible". Well damn. And I thought for sure she'd see the gigantic parking space thingie in the fire, but she didn't say a word. Later on Chevy ripped up the campsite marker and burnt that too.. We all had a lot of fun the second day.

But here's the most important part- I kissed Rachel, and this time she kissed back, but apparently she was so fucked out of her mind that she doesn't remember and I don't know what to do. And she has a boyfriend now.

All in all, though, I had a lot of fun. And although my mom is pissed, I still have a place to live, woohoo!