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News? 2000-09-30 12:35:00
by pogo
Well, I have decided not to be a dick, and post some news that makes sense.

I spent the last few nights working on a server client software that allows me to add, delete, list, and reload the rules to my firewall. At the moment it is REAL basic, and communication is encrypted, however, by tommarrow that should change. I have a few other plans for it, then a public release. The public release WILL NOT contain the encryption, and the commands being passed WILL be different than the ones i use :). NO, you do not get the source. You get the binary files, and sample config files. Next will come the news posting and news reading of vector (which i have been slacking on, but have a half working model). Finally, I have been extremely busy, writing custom software for people, and a new improved cpu core for n6502 (70% done, i've been slacking the last week ).

Finally, good luck on the move guys.