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*sigh* 2000-09-29 20:54:00
by scrantoine
Last night @ midnight untill 9 AM they "network techs" at campuslink were updating the network here with more machines and an "overhaul". This was in response to the overwhelming amout of ass the connections here suck. Well guess what? IT DIDN'T SPEED UP ONE GOD DAMN BIT. This has been on my nerves for far too long. When I first moved into this wonderful college community, I asked one of the members of management if there was a T-1 line for each building or one for the entire community. She said there was one for EACH building.....well, turns out there is ONLY ONE FOR THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY! This is why we have murderous intentions kids, its natures way of eliminating the incompetent people from our glorious society. Anyway, here is a picture of an asian, good night.