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Ba-rop-a-doop-a 2000-09-28 21:20:00
by caridwen
StaleMeat: jesus fucking christ... I laughed so hard I almost wet myself... and lets leave it at that.

Anyway! My father and I are moving to Cape Cod in a few months because my mom is kicking him out and I like his ass more then hers. Problem is, Cape Cod has like three apartment complexes that aren't $1,200 a fucking month, so finding a decent place is gonna be a bitch.

Hey, there's good news about the school I'll be at, it's amazingly good and 90% of the teachers of a masters in their field. Going to a nice school where I can actually learn something will be fun. I miss that.

This was going to start out as a bitch about New England Yankee bastards, but I've really mellowed in the past few days and can't bring myself to do said ranting. Ahhh.. the wonderful feeling of mental relaxation.

Now if I can just find somebody on the Cape that can pronounce their "r"s..