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left hand or right hand? 2000-09-27 16:19:00
by marasmus
Mad congrats to piercedfreak! that's sweet as all hell...

Right now I don't have any halfway-decent hardware for building you a machine, but if you're lookin' to build a more new-ish machine, i can provide the hookups on all that lovely crap. I'll have to get you my new number once Vahman and I move this weekend.

It looks like everything is now in place for the Big Move this weekend. VectorStar will have about an hour or and hour and a half downtime on Monday during the day while we relocate the hardware to its lovely new location. The house is all done with brand new carpet and paint, and all the utilities are now in our names. We'll probably throw some sort of Tampa Bay Area VectorStar get-together for like Halloween, since we'll have a place to hold all the people. Any of you around here that haven't met us (which should be few of you) ought to enjoy this little get-together.

So, back to the eternal question.... left hand or right hand?