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Bah Bumbug 2000-09-23 03:30:00
by caridwen
ho ho ho you motherfuckers...
go treat your clap
and fuck some truckers!

For some reason I'm in the mood for christmas. Personally, I think it's cause it's still summerlike here. Today was 108 F.. normal for summer, thankfully this is mediteranian climate and I don't have to deal with that humidity shit.
Right now I'm attempting to remember the reason I'm posting, it seems Adam said something terribly stupid about tummies and I can't remember what. I think something about world domination via heartburn, whatever.
So I'm sitting here spinning in my chair staring at my computer.. my dog lucky is busy licking my feet and Jake -he's the big one.. about 175lbs.- is doing everything in the world to get my attention, right up to and including jumping into my lap. I have just attempted typing that paragraph five times.. I must be special :>
So it looks like pops really is gonna move to Missouri, unlike most of his previous outbursts where he's a giant prick, this time he isn't attempting to be or nice, nor is he trying to make us laugh. Bad sign.
I *do* have a 30 pack of Miller in the fridge, I could always get him to drink with me and then if he blows his head off he would have atleast had company while he did it!

that was a joke, you're supposed to laugh... ha.. ha.. ha ha.. fuck it

I have no idea why I bother trying to distract myself with these mindless posts that I'm positive don't even stir the slightest bit of interest from anyone who reads them. I should just go live in a cave or something. Maybe if I exile myself and have only my moody, brooding, self-pitying chick like bitchiness for company I'll give head to a Colt .45 and give the rest of you bitches more air.

But then agian I'm a spiteful, selfish bitch and that would be a nice thing to do. More air for me damnit!