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the maffia and you 2000-09-21 21:42:00
by forge
guess what, i'm still in NYC and on my dads HP-McNasty that he bought for
some odd reason after being harrassed endlessly by his newphew (my cousin jack for those of you who know him *twitch* )

anyhow: stale - mad poontang, relaxation at last...i'll try and snag a picture to show ya of said penile recipient marasmus - you and Vahman really need to find something better to do
on a saturday night then toy with the fragile drones on AOL
obrien - get some fucker!
caridwen - two choices: 1) call charter / 2) join the NRA

probably the thing thats most fucked up to me is my father makin $300 a night.
that and the fact that im in the same neighborhood as John Gotti...FUN

ill be back around 4pm est sunday, hopefully ill get to see some motherfuckers
before headin my ass back to work bright and early monday morning.

everyone's adorably huggable ogre, signing off...