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Kill your Dog. 2000-09-20 05:21:00
by caridwen
A section of a convo I had with a friend on IRC at 2:18 on tuseday morning, i'm basically posting to rant and because i'll prolly need a copy to give to the cops.

hey! can't stay, but lets me tell you the basics of my day
1. get woken up by my mom, told to go outside and "help"
2. she sends me into the house with a bowl to get water for the dogs, i obliege her, dad is in kitchen
3. dad makes comments about something he said he told me but never did, i tell him he never told me using these words "you never said that!"
4. i get clocked on my lower right jaw, right on the jugular and go spinning into the trash can
5. i'm very stunned as he gets in my face and demands me to call him a liar agian
6. i got outside and avoid my family, they go back in the house and dad makes a crack about smacking me and my sister, her fiancee, and my mom all come rushing to me and i start crying
7. karen (my sister) gets in dads face, followed by chris and mom..
8. shit goes to hell
9. it gets worse.
10. karen and chris leave, mom and i stay with dad
11. dad rants and raves and bitches and i'm crying and screaming at him and mom both
12. karen and chris come home
13. karen and chris take me to adam's house
14. karen and chris leave
15. adam takes me to school then we go back to his place, then a few hours later karen picks me up and we go out running errands..
16. while at chris' mom's house running a certain errand, we call my mom and she tells us dad wants to move to missouri and seems to be serious
17. i call home, dad is a giant flaming jackass and tells me to go to hell
18. karen and i run more errands, she drops me off at adam's and adam takes me home at 10:40
19. i find out from karen dad disowned her
20. he's been a raving dick all night and won't talk to anybody
21. mom and dad just left for the store and should be back shortly
22. minus what i edited out about my nervous breakdown, that's my day today.
23. w00! lucky me!