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The Gap.....please specify 2000-09-19 01:36:00
by scrantoine
The other night Erica and Marta came over and hung out with us for some kind of warped amusement. We are not very amusing...but what happened that night was. Erica whipped out some pictures her and Marta took with her nifty and o-so-wonderful "joy cam". Well, one picture struck me as odd and I decided it should go up on vector...Marta didn't like that idea...but fuck that, she has no influence over me. So I nabbed the pic and scanned it into my computer and hid it on my hardrive just in case. Well, I toyed around with not posting it because I was too lazy....nah, fuck that. Hahaha...she is going to come after me for this one...oh well. What good is life without taking any risks?