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punk ass trippin' in the dead of night 2000-09-17 22:49:00
by marasmus
11 hours of downtime thanks to this bitchass hurricane. That really pisses me off. I wanted to keep all this shite up through the storm, but after the 4th power surge i gave up.

Vahman and I officially have all the hardware (short of 64mb of RAM for Sparc 4/5 and a rackmount case) to pimp out VectorStar to a record 1620mhz of dedicated servers. That's a lot better than the current 473mhz. I'm going to start selling my body on the streetcorner so I can buy more electronic toys :> We got power (~1400 watts of backup), racks (2 sparcserver racks, possibly a hubbell 7ft cabinet), networking (3 switches, 1 repeater, 1 DSL modem, and lots of cable), and plenty of other toys (digital KVM switch, fans, dedicated DVD machines, an 'uptime' server, webcams, remote controls, shotglasses) to make our house the most worthwhile to rob on the block! :)

The housewarming party will be located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, so please start making your descent now!