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bite me 2000-09-16 02:49:00
by caridwen
Hey, my HMO sucks.

My father's wrist is obviously swollen, infected, tender, red and fucked up.. seriously. Welll.. this doctor we saw today absolutely refused to belive any of that. He said that there was absolutley nothing wrong with my father's arm. Fuck! He even accused my Dad of faking vasculitis! Yes doctor, my father has fooled 45 well-known doctors on both costs into believeing he had a very rare disease and oh, he was in the hospital for said "faked" illness and just got out two days ago.

If you get sick give oral to a shotgun, cause you ain't getting fixed.

So, who wants to take bets that my pops will be a corpse in the ground in two weeks from neglect and malpratice? You fuckers seem just sick enough to find that sorta thing amusing.