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Got Hope? 2000-09-14 21:30:00
by caridwen
I have news that Laird and Frank may find interesting.. it's personal and about my father, but I don't feel like playing endless rounds of e-mail tag, so I'm just posting it here so I know they'll see it.

My father came home from the hospital yesterday, he had a bandage over his wrist where the I.V went into his vein. Well, that vein got infected. He went into the doctor today -My sister took him because my mother was too busy to be bothered- and they said it had spread to the lymph nodes.
If you don't know what the lymph nodes are they create lymph, a fluid similar to tears and saliva, which circulates through the body and bathes the cells and organs. Think of them as the bodies secfond superhighway, next the the veins.
This basically means that this infection can spread much more easily through the body know. And if the infection is cause of a virus, it'll kill him. So we're praying for a bacterial infection which can also kill him, but unlike an infection caused by vrii, it can be stopped.

With this said, I'd like you all to go home tonight and hug your parents, or your grandparents, or whoever raised you and hug them. Because one day you will be faced with what I'm facing at this very moment.

I just pray to whatever God lives in heaven that you people don't have to do this until you're raising your own kids.