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holla if ya hear me 2000-09-13 13:44:00
by marasmus
obrien: i got a 3com 56k modem (actually two) sitting here doing nothing. I'll bring one of 'em to yah.

'Toine: hehe.. next time make the picture like a LINK from your post instead of just slappin up some nappy tits on the main message board :P

Non-Users: The Signup system will be shutting down next week, and it will be staying off until Vahman and I move into our new house. Some of the services will be moving to new servers, so all kinds of things will be changing.

We may make mexicanhouseboy, our (*cough*) sparc 5/170, the shell server. If this occurs, all users with binary-compiled programs of their own will have to recompile those programs for the Linux/SPARC platform. I was going to make it the web server, but there are far more web-based CGI's compiled for x86 architecture than there are user-binaries, so.... that debate's pretty much covered.