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FUCK YOU! 2000-09-13 06:56:00
by caridwen
Why is it every time I even slightly have something barely fucking resembling a "normal" social life, I get loaded down with 15 bizillion tons of tactless, useless, teenage bullshit?! I mean, I start hanging out with my Ex, and I actually *gasp* talked on the fone a few times to him and a couple other people.. and BANG! All of a sudden I'm right smack in the middle of "he said, she said, Fuck You!" bullshit.
But the straw that broke this bitches back is the fact that Adam and I are in a bit if a rut. If we don't get out of it, I fear that I'll start nit-picking every little fucking thing until I deicde to break up with him (agian) because I don't like his brand of underwear! And I actually fucking would, too!

Combine my father being in the hospital, my mom playing maryr and victim because my dad is in the hospital.. and "It's just so hard, seeing Dad like that!" toss in my sister bumming me for the last 40 bucks I had to my name because she fucking lost her got damn job because the saggy tittied old ladies she worked with thought she was slutty, and I wanna go to the nearest strip club and start shakin' ass for a living.

You suck, I suck, life sucks, the world sucks, school sucks, teens suck, old people suck, pets suck, techies suck, rednecks suck, computers suck, drugs suck, everything I forgot to mention sucks, and oh yeah.. you swallow, too.