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I stab people..... 2000-09-07 19:39:00
by scrantoine
Just thinking back on what happened last night/earlier this morning outside my apartment makes me wonder....what the fuck?

Somewhere around 11 p.m. we were just hanging out in our apartment, playing Diablo 2 online and shit, when we heard some girls yelling at eachother outside Mark's window. I take a peek and spot two girls close to the window and three girls on the other side of the parking lot. The two girls close to the window are shouting all kinds of obscenities at the girls on the other side of the street. Before I go any further, I will call the girls close to the window "The Drunk Girls" simply because they were drunk. The girls across the street I will call "The Hooters Girls" because one of them had hooters shorts on. I am labeling them because if I didn't, you would be lost later, trust me. So the hooters girls were just walking from their car to their apt. when the drunk girls started talking shit, dumbasses. Well, the talk started to escalate and that is when I come into the picture. I went out to throw away some garbage and run a quick recon mission to see what was up. On the way back to my place, they were in eachother's faces...and I was mere feet away. One of the drunk girls ran into the apt. directly across from ours and I looked at the other one with a quizzical face....this would stimulate her to explain. Sure enough, it did. She introduced herself and blah blah..anyway, her friend came back with an empty beer bottle. She then proceeded to threaten one of the hooter girls. The hooter girl turned around to leave and the drunk girl threw the bottle...oh shit. That hooter girl was on the drunk girl like white on rice...beating the hell out her. Her nearest hooter companion joined the fray and pinned the drunk girl a few feet from my door and started to throw down. The third hooter girl tried to break it up along with the second drunk girl. Two guys had also joined the hooter girls in their defense (blatant attempt at some ass) and were now, as I saw it from the stairs...trying to break it up as well. The fight ends with drunk #1 on the floor rubbing numerous bruises and the hooter girls telling her off. Just as the hooter girls and their guy champions go to leave, drunk #1 talks more shit....and is beset upon by the original two hooter girls...jesus. After that, the hooter party leave in a flurry of insults and drunk #2 helps her friend to stand. I saw the whole thing happen from the stairs and that was one hell of a cat fight, but the fun doesn't end there. Drunk #2 goes into the apt. again and calls her ghetto white-trash boyfriend and his merry men down to the complex. While they are on the way, I go upstairs to talk to some attractive girl who saw some of it, not I was all to happy to fill her in. Well, I ended up with an invite to her party on saturday and I got my foot in the door, so to speak. Her roomate was also there and her car was parked next to an open slot. This slot was soon occupied by the King of all ghetto cars, the monte carlo....guess who was inside? Thats right, J.R. (not his real name, didn't catch it) the boyfriend of drunk #1 has arrived. Of course him and his band are all drunk (makes sense) and they throw open the doors of their car and dent the roomate's car. They scream out, "Where the fuck is the kid who hit my girl?"....this is not true in my mind, because from where I was I didn't see him hit her at all. Doesn't matter, drunk #1 wants revenge and she points to the top floor of the building where we saw the hooter band go. J.R. and his minions rush up the stairs trailed by some bystanders outraged at the thought of a girl being hit by a guy (which didn't happen) and they knock on the first door they see. J.R. asks for confirmation of the guy and before his girlfriend can make it up there, the poor guy they disturbed opens the door...and J.R. stabs him. J.R.'s girlfriend makes it up just as he stabs the guy and she screams, "HE ISN'T THE GUY!" Now the shit really hits the fan, J.R. and his boys make a run for the car and take drunk #1 with them, #2 is being pursuaded by one of the merry men to go with them. She insists on getting her car, but by then J.R. and company take this kid's car! That's right, the car belonged to the guy who was trying to get drunk #2 to go..her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the girl I was talking to (Diane), her roomate is yelling about the dent in her car. So drunk #2's boyfriend exchanges phone numbers with her (she got his plate anyway) and he tries to make a break for it. Right on time, the cops show up and accost him on sight, thinking he is J.R.! The stab victim had called the cops (naturally) and told them the name of his assailant..he hear one of the kids say his name. So, that kid is arrested, drunk girl #2 and everyone who saw the incident (not including me) gave statements to the cops. I made my escape when the cops arrived...I was not going to take sides on the issue. That about wraps it up...this ended at 2 a.m.....oh yeah, the stab wound was not fatal..turns out the kid put his hand up in self-defense and was stabbed in the hand. Get a load of that.