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The battle with Verizon/GTE 2000-09-06 15:51:00
by marasmus
Vahman and I have been looking to rent a house. We even found one in Tarpon Springs (also known as B.F.E.) that we absolutely love. Of course, we need network connectivity at the house so we can keep VectorStar going.

Back in the old days of DSL, you had to be within 3 miles of the CO (central office) in order to get DSL service. These days, you have to be within 6 miles to get the speed that VectorStar currently uses. This house is 1.9 miles from the CO, and the CO has the necessary equipment for DSL, but GTE/Verizon swear up and down that we can't get DSL at our house. What's really pathetic is that we've even offered to pay for the line drop itself! They just swear up and down that we have to pass through an RSU which is further away than the CO to get our connection.

So... Residential ISDN is now flat-rate with no hourly charges, and we might have to slow our asses down to a horribly slow 128kbps for a while if this bullshit keeps up. The other option is to NOT rent this house, but we'd like to find any excuse in the world to keep this place, cause it's flat out incredible.

If you know anyone at GTE/Verizon, let them know that your free internet service is being threatened to extinction because their lazy ass company won't run an unloaded 1.9 mile drop to a house in the middle of BFE. Also, if you know anyone with wireless T1, Ethernet, or satellite hardware, who can keep the price under $400 a month, we'd be more than happy to talk.

The Man has us by the balls.