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sadistic self-gratification 2000-09-04 22:36:00
by marasmus
Pogo: Via motherboard chipset = ghetto ass IDE controller. Atop that, it's running at ATA/66, which is notorious for all kinds of wierd driver issues. Via has had serious data streaming issues with the PCI bus in the past (see Shuttle HOT-591), and i wouldn't doubt if similar problems arose with the PCI->IDE interface. Solution? Make sure you have a compatible ATA/66 driver for the motherboard and OS, check for a BIOS flash, do a little dance, and if all else fails, try it with only the video card installed. :)

On other news: Two llamas escaped from a zookeeper's garage today after he stole them from the zoo at which he was employed. Police say they found 26 used condoms and a lot of bondage equipment in the man's garage. More at 11.