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Voluntary Amnesia 2000-09-01 15:38:00
by marasmus
Don't let it slip your mind that I hate you all equally, but I wanted you all to know that i _am_ the shit. I'm always the shit. I'm so cool I just can't help myself at being so damn cool. I gotta turn down pooty everywhere I go cause i'm just THAT damn cool.

On a side note, my job is officially cool and I'm gonna dig workin' for this fabalous joint. Vahman and I are planning to move in about 4-5 weeks, so somewhere between 5 and 7 weeks from now VectorStar's gonna get itself a little bit of downtime. Providing the technical monkeys at bay can handle a little synchronization with us, there should only be 1 hour of downtime. However, if Survival of the Stupidest rears its ugly head again, we may end up with 3 days downtime. Just wanted to warn you WAY in advance.

With this wonderful new job and all (as well as the additional hardware of Vahman), more cool stuff is going to happen around here. More distributed services, more kung-foo fighting, more disco balls. More Dual Xeon servers and more Sparcs for sure, though.

Now that web-based mail is working (and working very well!), I'm looking for suggestions on other improvements and services to make available around here. THINK of something cool that you'd like to use and let me know! I'm out of fun projects to hack into place and I need more things to play with! Hook me up!

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