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ooOOooo Sparks... 2000-08-31 15:34:00
by caridwen
a'ight, as you all know I'm a very poor little bitch. What goes along with dat, is lacking in the dental upkeep department. I haven't seen a dentist in four years, and I've never had braces or any of that wonderful stuff... but I'm proud to say that by this time tommorow, i'm gonna wish it had stayed that way!

Yes! that's right! My mother (who could never possibly do anything helpful for me *ever* unless I threatened to slash her tires) has decided to hit up my father for some cash to get mah fucking mouth in order. Personally, I wish this was done in middle school, but hey, it's nothing to be ashamed of. So! after a good year and a half, I should have teeth nice enough for mah beautiful lips..

Anyway, besides that.. congrats to Scrantoine on the Slipknot concert and happy birthday.
Stalemeat: nice sellin' out, keep up the corporate whitey shizit and I'll start taking bets on when you remove your pirecings and keep 'em out.

Alright, time for me to go worship the coffee gods and bug my sister until I get a ride to Starbucks. Maybe if I'm lucky I can panhandle change like I used to.

I shall suck your dick/ bloody metal fleshy parts/ hang it on the wall!