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I watch gay movies. 2000-03-20 23:01:00
by pogo
Ooooo. I'm fucked up! I can't stop smiling. Or laughing. Why? I couldn't sleep. So I get up, and write a redhat disk in a poor attempt to get my spanish sparc working. I start to get tired, and I drink three cups of coffee. W00.

Now that I stated that, and no one wants to read this part, I will speak some cool shit. In my no-sleep bs that I wish never happened, I learned some cool things about tv's. But I came up with a nice idea. Write my own terminal program. What am I rambling about? Who knows. I felt I should contribute to the "fun". But I'm a nice guy, and I know I can't spell, let alone remember simple words like "CAR" or "SODA". Or what I was doing 10 minutes ago. But I need some input, from some computer people, and what better way to reach them all than a post! I can get to the installation process on Redhat from CD boot and it installs 2 packages and stops, just idles. No CD access or anything. Solaris 7 boots happy, test the network card, like it should, and if it is similar to solaris 7 x86 install, should be axin bout partitions and shit. but it hard locks there. Suggestions? Maybe I am doing something wrong? I'll post a pic or two as soon as I get them developed of my "Rig" I setup to get an EXTERNAL SCSI CDROM connected to the MOTHERBOARD of the SPARC. Its fucked. I'm Fucked. I ramble. Die. Pogo to mars! Think happy elves in happy land. An AX. A CHAIN. A BOARD with a NAIL in it. PSX. METALLICA and TWISTED SISTER. Fun. I'm on it.

I leave with the thoughts I normally post and an apology. First, Sorry Marasmus, I abuse my posting power. Now for the Fun stuff. FAT FUCK! I HATE YOU. STFU. No one cars what you pirate. :) I'm out.