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sluts. 2000-08-31 02:58:00
by obrien
I hate everyone. I hate it when random stupid people I don't know IM me. But I especially hate it when stupid people with screennames like CumInMyFace IM me to advertise porn sites.

ARGH!!! I don't subscribe to porn sites, I don't visit porn sites, I don't have porn on my computer, and no where on my homepage or in my little AOL profile do I say anything about liking porn!! I'm sure they have some little automated porn-o-matic program to IM the entire city of Cleveland, so it's not like they're singling me out, but *damn* this happens at least 8 times a day. I've asked my friends and they don't seem to have this problem at all. Maybe it's my payback for using such a crappy ISP like AOL. At least they've stopped spamming me since I blocked all their addresses. I wish they were at least real people so I could fuck with them.

Smoke that cock, beeitch....