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Bow to my God! 2000-08-28 00:54:00
by obrien
Vahman: haikus are 5/7/5. I looked in the dictionary, my God, and it told me so.

It also told me that dildo is a legitimate word, but only recently has come to mean "a device shaped as an erect penis and used as a sexual stimulator." According to my old 12-inch-thick dictionary from 1965 it's a cactus, or "a refrain or nonsense word in old songs, often implying obscenity."

Wow, I can't believe I just showed you all how truly neurotic I am... but now I gotta look up neurotic to make sure neurotic's the right word... which leads to looking up 3 other words... Until I've decided that, yes, I am neurotic.

Umm... yeah. Because I have no life, I'm trying to turn my little doohickey Impure Thoughts into an e-zine. I know it sucks, so don't damage my fragile ego by telling me how ugly and stupid-looking it is. Anyhow, I'm looking for fairly competent/literate writers to rant and shit... or write pretty poems, I don't care.

take it fuckin nasss- / -ty whOre. suck my nuts while I / shit on your forehead