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Hills are alive with the sound of Nazis 2000-08-28 00:10:00
by vahman
Caridwen: I am not crazy.............I am mentally fuckin' insane (that is what my Chiropractor told me after he cracked my elbow). Also Haiku = 7/5/7
You were ONE syllable off, so you receive a 9 out of 10 on my smack'em'up list.

My wang hangs to my ankles, which leads me to this thought. The Blair Witch project was somewhat of a meaningless movie that several college students banked on. When I think about it, it wasn't very scary, it had a lack of special effects, and no nudity. Without goose bumps or jerkin' off, what will I do on a Saturday night. I guess there is always Sunday school.

You can find love on AOL. Marasmus and I proved it. Oh butt!

Just pierce my ass and call me Stale!