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you fuckers are crazy 2000-08-27 17:02:00
by caridwen
Vahman and marasmus: wtf?!@

Maybe it's just the fact that I just crawled out of bed and I had horrible nightmares, but that some was screwed up shizit.... When I grow up... I wanna be *just* like YOU!!

Moving on..

So! I have school tommorow and I haven't even looked at my homework. It's a super-thick, incredibly pointless, English 3 class. I usually would be terribly worried about the fact that I have none of my homework done, but I decided last night I was gonna take my got damn GED as soon as I could and just tell the California Education System to suck my hypothectical wang.

Hell! I should go the Sweden and make it a real wang! Then I could run around being truly capable of the give and take a healthy, steady relationship needs... Shoot me.

Aight, I gots to go back to bed. I didn't fucking go to sleep until four fucking hours ago. If it wasn't for having a dream where a giant black shape with big fly eyes was eating my toes, I'd *still* be asleep.

I's been smoking too much crack/ Big black fly guy bad/ Lets all grab our ankles!
Yes Laird, I prolly fucked up agian, but I actually tried really hard this time! Bah!