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Pimpin' so sleeaazzzy 2000-08-27 00:17:00
by marasmus
every time i look in da mirror, all i see is a pimp who's lost his sooouuullll..

what i mean by that is that you just can't buy a candy bar for a nickel anymore.

but why?
it's cause of all them McDonalds employees claiming they need more than minimum wage, so when all the McDonalds employees get their 15 cent raise, the value of the hard-earned American Dollar(tm) goes down that 15 cents, cause there just ain't no respect in McDonalds.

If you work at McDonalds and you're somehow offended by the fact that you have a REALLY SHITTY JOB, just do what you always do best and bend over to take it like a champ. That's what you do for your three nickels and a quarter pounder with cheese anyways.

What it all comes down to is that pickles are the tastiest condiment for any meat-fisting burger lover.

me am mahir.