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Fuck the world! 2000-08-26 03:19:00
by caridwen
obrien: hey! somebody else who gets it!! so I'm *not* the only sane one. The only thing I see Adam's Aunt being worth is her taking me horseback riding. If she wants to, fine. I haven't touched a horse in over 3 years and I mis it more then almost anything. Rich people are nice when they're generous, prob is, they usually aren't generous to the people who really need it. I could live with never riding a horse agian in my life, but she takes pity on my poor, simple, lower class self and wants to be nice. Hey I'm also fucking her nephew.. this there a connection? Naw.... I'm just stupid...


I went to the state fair today and hung out with all mah old friends and mah ex and stuff. Marasmus and Stalemeat will prolly remember Tim. Stalemeat talked to me for a couple hours why I cried mindlessy and made more typos then a single human should be allowed to make. Though he prolly doesn't remember, but hey! :>

Uhhh.. Adam made me go on a roller coaster and I will never suck his dick agian. Heights are for the birds and I do not have talons, feathers, or go "caw! caw" and shit on peoples heads.. though I have wanted to do the later to a few people I can't stand *at all*

Well, I should go.