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Fuckin' Book...... 2000-08-24 22:43:00
by scrantoine
Remember that book in the picture I posted yesterday? Well, I went to do my reading for class tommorow and I came to a wonderful discovery. I had to read chapters 33 and in the 20th I crack the book open and find chapter 33 on page 1002! Ok, the book is gigantic, so this would make sense....out of curiousity I started to flip thru ch.33 to find the end of it....68 pages later, ch.34 started! Fuck! That was only the first chapter of two I had to read! Screw this, I'm dropping this class tommorow and getting credit for this monolith of paper towards the purchase of books in the future. This class is not required, so why the hell am I taking it? I won't have to worry about that come tommorow.

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