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two balls and one wang each... 2000-08-24 16:44:00
by forge
well, i'm back again...only to tell you all that ill be out of town
for good part of a week following my upcoming birthday.

i'll be flying my merry way up to lovely NYC to see the pops.
it's definitely a good thing seeing as how im starting to go a bit whacky.
heh, just ask stale about that, i was at his house the other day kind of having a lil' fit hehe

anyhow, there's actually shit to do at work *gasp*
no gigantor style panels but shit, its something fun to do again, thusly giving me
adequate hours in at work.
few panels for a special fx company, some light fixtures next door, and shit be like.

as for my usual comments...

marasmus: good luck on that job, now you just need some hookers and heroine
stale: suck me beautiful
kmartcowboy: whack on mah jimmy
'toine: you should bludgeon someones face with that book. WTF?!
caridwen: what the fuck's up now?!
Vahman: you still aint shit, whitey's got you by the bawls. ;p
forge: im an ogre and i like talking to myself...oh

/me lost his mind - the lawn gnomes are my friendyfriends - smoke the bawls and cock