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I wanna be sedated.... 2000-08-23 01:34:00
by obrien
I'm nocturnal. I can't fall asleep until the sun comes up... and it's all Kmartcowboy's fault... I'm gonna kill him.

I'm really bored, so I added a stupid poll.. Go vote.

Hmm... I don't have anything worthwhile to say. I don't even have anything to bitch about.. I won't be going to school tomorrow so I can't whine about that. But I realized tonight that as much as I hate school, I'm really going to miss skipping. I'd actually go to Bogie if I got bored enough (and were actually awake at 7:20) just to pick some people up and "skip." I know skipping's addicting, but damn, that's horrible. Or maybe I'm just a loser and going to school to skip would somehow make me feel "cool." I dunno. Whatever...

can someone bend me over a couch?