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Insomnia 2000-08-21 07:58:00
by caridwen
It's 4:50 in the morning and I have to be at work by noon. I don't know why I'm not asleep, but I do know the thought of trying to sleep is making me *very* angsty.
My plans for emancipation seem to be evolving from a day-dream to a reality. The idea of spending anymore time leeching off myparents and dealing with my sister and all the family bullshit makes me want to vomit up both my lungs and three-fourths a kidney. Plus, my sister moved her boyfriend into her tiny-assed room meaning I have to share my bathroom with _five_ people now. Like four motherfuckers wasn't enough.
I was driving up to the rich-bitch city/suburb here, El Dorado Hills eariler today. They started three more developement projects. I literally started screaming at the top of my lungs about urban clutter and the human disease. I loathe humanity to the point that I want to shoot everybody within a 5 miles radius of me. Today I was in the car of the freeway screaming "LETS NUKE EVERYBODY!! NUKE 'EM TILL THEY'RE GREEN!!!", then Adam gave me a cig and all was better.
Anyway, I shall stop this pointless stupid babbling now, with one teeny, tiny, meaningful comment. (and I stole this, so hey, maybe it means nothing)