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toilet humor? 2000-08-20 19:38:00
by stale
I'm gonna tell you a little story about the can at work...

Well, the other day I was sitting at my computer at work, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I had the insane urge to shit my ass. So, I promptly unassed my chair and headed to the toilet. After about 15 minutes of hard labor, I t'rew the dang back into mah shorts, and flushed the toilet. The toilet god was unhappy with my offering however, and refused my gift with great anger. So, in the fear of embarassment at work, I washed my hands with the quickness and departed from the bathroom.

This is what I saw the next day...

Do no put
paper towels
in toilets.


If you over fill
a toilet bowl,
use the plunger
provided for you.
I don't unplug


I think they're on to me.